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Stylish Postage Stamps – Free PSD Template

September 12th, 2011
Mariusz Zawistowicz

Today’s freebie is nice and stylish postage stamps. This PSD template is something that can be use as a separate icon or part of other design like contact from, newsletter etc. PSD file contain portrait and landscape orientated stamps in a light gray color border and central part that can be replaced with an image. Play with and let me know how you use it. Enjoy!

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Mariusz Zawistowicz Owner of Charismatic Media Group and Pixel Monarchy Network. Love for design and having a hand in making the web an enjoyable experience and more inviting place. Strong background in graphic/user interface design and front-end development while also focusing on web standards and best practices. Follow Mariusz: Twitter | Google+ | Facebook | Dribbble

One Response to “Stylish Postage Stamps – Free PSD Template”

  1. September 28, 2012

    Your stamps looks good but I find it’s only useful for placing near the very top left of any thing or far right of a mockup or website.
    A real postage stamp with rubber stamp imprint would have the full rubber stamp imprint and not a cropped rubber stamp imprint.

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