Verizon Cloud (mobile and web experience) gives your subscribers a safe place to back-up photos, videos, contacts, and more. It makes searching, editing, sharing, printing, and organizing a simple and engaging experience on any device.

The client's intention is to move the Verizon Cloud experience to smart TV as a user it helps end-users to share content with the family and friends on the big screen.
Role & Duration
UI / UX design, Research and requirements, prototyping, and visual design.
January 2020 - current
Sketch, Zeplin, InVision, Illustrator
The Problem
Users have expressed great interest in accessing photos, movies, or music on TVs, but the product currently does not offer a dedicated application a smart tv.

Work Overview
My role was to research smart tv possibilities and limitations, prototype, and design experience for Verizon Cloud.
Design Android smart TV experience for Verizon to respect client brand guidelines and design system. Keep consistent, simple, and engaging experience on TV.
Process Overview
The "five elements of UX design" process was applied for that project to define:
Users need access to personal content on the big screen to share their memories with family and friends or play favorites music from the cloud directly on the TV.

Defined what type of content and functions users want to experience on the TV screen and what is the limitation as not all the functions and sections we can move to the big screen. We discovered many limitations for smart TV eg. only photos, videos, and music data class is possible to display on TV experience or music copyright limitation has to be considered when moving to the big screen.
The architecture of experience was defined, how to organize design and how we want users to interact with the product.
Skeleton and Surface
The project was divided into phases/sprints to deliver a basic experience at the first stage and then added more functionalities over time. It helps to conduct tests on a real product with the user to catch any problems on a new device.

Hi-fidelity wireframes and rapid inVision prototypes were delivered to evaluate any potential changes or ambiguities for the user or development team. In accompanying all necessary graphic assets was made for the engineering team.
The final application has been delivered to clients with features like:
Easily share your favorite Verizon Cloud media content with friends and family using your Stream TV device

Display and share photos, videos, and more

Search, filter, and sort  Verizon Cloud photos by name, object, location, and person

Play your favorite music and videos on TV.
You are welcome to check a live application in Google Play Store.

Thank you for your attention.
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