Project Overview
Advanced Messaging Marketplace is a rich business messaging platform with built-in ecosystem management tools, portals, and APIs to maximize control, ease of use, and speed to market.

Messaging Marketplace Platform (MMP) is a browser/web-UI meant for enterprises and SMB/SMEs to build and send messages to consumers.
Role & Duration
Lead UI / UX Designer,
Discovery, requirements, design, prototyping, interaction, and visual design
September 2018 - current

Sketch, Zeplin, InVision, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, User Testing
In comparison to the competitor's design and deliver better in using a web-based application that delivers rich messaging and conversational commerce with Advanced Messaging for various types of customers.

Process Overview
The team is working in Agile Methodology using the Design Thinking process for each sprint iteration to improve existing or develop new functionalities.
The application was built from scratch so "the five elements of UX design" process was used at the beginning.
My role is to lead a small design team. We researched the market, competitors and provide Synchronoss solution for Messaging Marketplace.
Strategy & Scope
We use a similar approach to almost every project. It allows us not only to save time but also set the best of each project stage.

During the research of competitors and analyzing user needs and the business objectives for the product we identified 3 types of clients to deliver value:
Operator: Enable new revenue streams by capturing digital marketing spend from brands and enterprises, proven, scalable technology, and global expertise.
Subscriber: Delivering Rich messaging user experience, chat only with the brands you want, interact with brands in the same app you use to talk to friends and family, no need to download additional apps.
Brand & Aggregator: Access to consumers, deliver personalized tools, templates, and API to enable 1:1 conversations and campaign management, Powerful analytics
I was figured out how to organize my design by creating initial flows and how we want users to interact with the product.
That helped to identify any missing element that have to be added or improved.
The low-fidelity wireframes were created to visualize how our design works and were presented to stakeholders for feedback.
I had to create a new design system especially for the MMP project so a full guideline was created including color schemes, design grids, icons sets, re-usable UI elements guides, etc.
Now the fun part begins and I applied guidelines and design high-fidelity screens. 
Additionally, I supported the marketing team with any clickable prototypes or animations to help them a present products to customers.
Main Features
Messaging Marketplace - Rich business messaging platform with built-in ecosystem management tools, portals, and APIs to maximize control, ease of use, and speed to market

Multi-Channel Messaging - Single pane of glass providing a 360-degree view of consumer interactions. In simple words more channels. More brand engagement. More revenue.

Rich Business Messaging - Enable digital engagements, brand awareness, product discovery, improve customer service, drive transactions, and build lifetime customer value.

Designed for a Diverse Set of Industries and Use Cases
Powering the World’s First Carrier Consortium in Japan
The MMP designed for Synchronoss currently helped Japanese operators build and grow their RCS messaging base to over 20 million subscribers and improve their customer experience.
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